Virgo cluster

The old elliptical galaxy M86 (centre) is, together with elliptical galaxy M84, a member of the Virgo galaxy cluster in constellation Virgo. M86 is located at a distance of about 52 Million light-years (16 Mpc). Other members of the Virgo cluster of galaxies can be identified (see annotated image below): e.g. NGC 4425, 4438, 4413, 4402, 4388.

Virgo cluster of galaxies, 08 March 2024, Kempen, William Optics APO 110 mm, f/7, 

ASI1600mm pro, L (UV-IR cut), 8760 s, gain 139, T = -10C. 

Auto-guiding. Image processing with PixInsight V1.8.9