M 33

Spiral galaxy M 33 (Triangulum Galaxy) in constellation Triangulum, at a distance of 2.8 Million light-years, the third largest Galaxy of the Local Group (after Andromeda M31 and the Milky Way). M33 was discovered in 1654 by G.B. Hodierna. Note that the image also contains some dark circular shaped “shadows” most likely due to dust on the glass window close to the camera sensor.

Galaxy M33, 12 September 2022, Kempen, William Optics APO 110 mm, f/7, 

ASI1600mm pro, LRGB, L(3600 s), R(2040 s), G(2280 s), B(2400 s), gain 139, T = -10C. 

Auto-guiding. Image processing with PixInsight V1.8.9