Comet Neowise

After several attempts, I managed to see Comet Neowise from our garden. The comet appeared on the evening sky, just between UMa and the NW horizon after sunset. Due to the bright northern summer sky not easy to spot. Comet Neowise is a periodic comet (C 2020/F3), which is now - July 2020 - moving out to the outer solar system, and  returning in about 6700 years….

Comet Neowise, 22 July 2020, Vorst (D), Canon EF 70-200 mm f/4L USM, Canon EOS 600D (UV-IR), unguided, ISO 3200, f = 200 mm, PixInsight processing. Left: single raw light frame (8 sec), Right: stack of 17 light frames, total exposure: 100 sec