The Hyades is the nearest open cluster in constellation Taurus. Located about 153 light-years away from the Sun, it consists of a roughly spherical group of hundreds of stars sharing the same age, place of origin, chemical characteristics, and motion through space. The five brightest member stars of the Hyades have consumed the hydrogen fuel at their cores and are now evolving into giant stars. The age of the Hyades is estimated to be about 625 million years.

Hyades (Melotte 25), Vorst (D), 30/31 Dec 2019, Canon EF 70-200 mm f/4 L USM telelens, Canon EOS 600D, 800 ISO, UV-IR, UHC filter, f = 126 mm,  stack of 36 exposures, each 30 sec, 1080 sec, PixInsight