M 92

M92 (NGC 6341), a globular stellar cluster  in constellation Hercules, about  26.000 light-years away from Earth. About 14 arc minutes  in diameter and the total mass of the cluster is estimated to about 330.000 solar masses. Because the spectra of cluster members show low metallicity it is believed that the cluster is very old, about 13 billion years. 

M92 was discovered in 1777 (J.E: Bode ), and, independently by C. Messier (1781)

Globular Cluster M92, Kempen (D), 4 July 2022, William Optics 110 mm APO FLT f/7, ASI1600mm pro, L-filter 7200 s,

gain 139, T: -10C, Image processing with PixInsight V 1.8.9